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A Fantastical

Journey of Type



Get Out Movie Poster

Get out.png


The goal of this course was to create a series of movie posters through an experimental process. We avoided using digital tools, and instead used various materials and the outcomes for their emotional affect. Then, we applied these typographic transformations to the final poster design. 


At the beginning of this project, I used brainstorming techniques and sketches to explore different ways to experiment with type. I observed the character traits of each outcome. Based on the deformed type that came out of the process, I combined various traits and used a kaleidoscope to design posters for the movie, Get Out.

Get out2.png
Get out5.png
Get out6.png
Get out4.png
Get out3.png
Get out7.png
Get out73.png
Get out74.png
Get out72.png
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